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Viyan's First Birtdahy Celebrations,
Live on 23rd January, 2017 at 6.00 PM onwards

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Contact: +91 9849094038

What we do ?

BlossomLive WHY we are going to BROADCAST Your Event online? If you missed few of your lovable family and friends unable make it to your event? Dont worry! We are here! Through live streaming you can share your special moment live online with friends and family from anywhere in the world! Not only can your viewers watch online, they can respond by facebook and really share the experience from present place and being mobile too.

Blossomes Live webcasts your events enabling everyone to “present” your occasion. With live streaming, your guests watch your functions video LIVE via the Internet. You can even show everyone your awesome moments

We can take care of all your occasion videography and webcasting needs. Our live shoot streaming services provide a quality and eco-friendly solution. We enhance your sweet memories share to your near and dear. We consider the environment of function for reduce your occasion consumption by webcasting your event online to guests that would otherwise fly from long distances to attend.

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